Ordering Process

  • When you have identified items of interest, simply click on the “Add to Favorites” button or “Click” the heart icon: . You can add an unlimited number of items to your Favorites. You will see the number of Favorites inside the red circle affixed to the heart icon on the upper righthand corner of the Search Page.     
  • Once you find the items, how do you order them? Since PA is a Control State, you are legally required to order through the State website, and pay the State on its website - http://www.finewinesandgoodspirits.com
  • Just enter the code of the wine from your Favorites page in the search box on the Fine Wines & Good Spirits site and the page will pop-up and you can click Add To Cart.>    
  • That’s it! Put simply, you add the items you want to your Favorites, then make the final purchase on the PLCB's Fine Wines & Good Spirits website.